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Welcome to the website of the Scientific - Production Complex with a paradise calling "Edem".
       The name "Edem" takes from the biblical past. Today it is a place in where is solving many environmental issues of our time. The activitieы are focused on the study of national and international markets, and the latest high-tech and equipment, primarily for the preparation of high-quality drinking water, in order to assimilate them into the Ukrainian market. We are  also working with other ecological problems.
     One of the directions of SPC "Edem", designed to facilitate the standing of a person in his environment is to implement an ecological project "Clean Water - Human Health", which is in Ukraine since 1997.
         At directon about works of protecting the nature environment, the company is developing the ecological project: "New life filtrate with solid waste landfills", the implementation of which will allow the creation of technologies for the recycling of organic-mineral liquid from the filtrate formed in the body of polygon (dumps) of municipal solid waste.
     The site can be found with other environmental projects which will contribute to the improvement of habitat in the natural environment.
     We hope you will be interested in the proposed projects for implementation. Waiting for your reference. The command "Edem" is ready to answer any question in our competence.
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